Brady has made some unselfish moves in NFL

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Tom Brady has made a lot of money over his Madden NFL 18 Coins career, nearly $200 million in salary alone.When you consider his endorsement deals and the bank account

of his supermodel wife, Gisele Bündchen, the Patriot' quarterback appears to be doing just fine financially. So why is he reportedly charging so much to

sign stuff?TMZ Sports reports that Brady will hold a private autograph session for hardcore collectors, where he will charge ridiculous amounts of money

to sign memorabilia.


The prices for Brady's autograph, according to TMZ: Footballs — $1,000 eachAutographed photo — $850Patriots mini-helmet — $900Tom Brady “game day”

style jersey — $1,200Want Brady to add the words “5X SB CHAMP”? That’ll be an extra $400.Brady will also add a 20-character personalization for an

additional $500.MORE: Tom Brady predicts 5th Super Bowl ring in commercialWe know


 Brady has made some unselfish moves in Mobile Madden Coins his career, such as restructuring his contract to free up $24 million for the Patriots, but unless the autograph

money is going to charity — and there's no mention of that on Tristar Sports Memorabilia's website — this is not a good look for the Super Bowl MVP.

Houston police chief on Tom Brady's missing uniform: 'It's just a jersey' | NFL | Sporting News


The Houston police department has its priorities straight.While Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick has enlisted the help of the Texas Rangers to find the missing

jersey of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, Houston police chief Art Acevedo indicated finding the uniform was at the lower end of necessary

crimes to solve in Houston.MORE: Happy Patriots fan breaks leg while celebrating Super Bowl win


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